Attention all Red Raven Fans!

Do you enjoy demoing and teaching games? If so, then join our volunteer program!

Volunteer Criteria:


-Love board games, especially the Red Raven Games library!  

-Willing to teach and coach our games

-Good communication skills

-Provide prompt follow-up reports

-Take photos/videos of each event and post to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

-Know our games well enough to demo and be ready to learn new Red Raven releases

-Kind, courteous, and patient

-At least 18 years old

-Must live in the United States

Volunteers must own at least two different games from the Red Raven library to use as demo copies. Owning more than two is not required, but would allow the volunteer flexibility. Volunteers can also choose to do demos at conventions in addition to FLGS events. Demoing at conventions may sometimes provide the volunteer with a pass (at conventions where Red Raven has a booth). Red Raven games does not offer demo copies for events.

Rewards program:

-For each demoed event with a submitted report, including social media links, the volunteer will receive 10 Journey Points. These points can be spent to gain Red Raven rewards. Rewards will be sent out biannually, in January and July. Volunteers will choose from rewards including: t-shirts, bags, hats, Red Raven games, expansions, and other awesome Red Raven swag!  10 points equals $5 toward retail value of our games or products.  Red Raven T-Shirts are $25.  A list of the rewards will be posted just prior to the point redemption period biannually.

More details about running the events will be sent via e-mail once you are accepted for the program.

Note: The Journey Program is new at Red Raven and is subject to change or cancellation. Any Journey Points earned may still be cashed in at the last biannual reward date. Any unspent points after that time will be void. We hope this doesn’t happen, but we’re covering our tail-feathers for any eventuality.

 To Apply, please email Andrew at with the following:

 -Full Name:

-Email Address:

-Cell Phone Number: (not required, but if you are accepted, we will hope to communicate via text, calls, and/or e-mail)

-Full shipping address:

Brief description about yourself, and why you want to be considered for the RRJP.