Journey through a book of maps filled with amazing adventure in this storytelling sequel to Above and Below.

  • Choose your path in connected quest lines
  • Includes a gorgeous atlas of 11 maps to play on!
  • Buy skills for your character over a ten-map campaign
  • 2-4 players, 90 minutes

Search for a lost city in a strange and wonderful world of ruins;
manage and recruit adventurers, each with a unique identity;
read from a book of stories, building an amazing and memorable tale each time you play!

Choose How You Play

With 4 different game modes, 8 different characters, and 11 different maps, Near and Far offers you unprecedented control over how you play. 

Each decision you make in the story leads you down a different path, meaning there's always something new to discover in the vast and varied world of Near and Far.

Game Modes

Experience the world of Near and Far by choosing one of four possible game modes.

  • First Adventure: Learn to play the game with this standalone map inspired by Above and Below.
  • Campaign: Play a series of 10 games on 10 different maps as you journey to the Last Ruin, building experience and buying abilities that last throughout campaign. Explore each map, experiencing stories unique to each location.
  • Story: Play a series of 3 to 4 games while following your character's main story, making decisions that will affect your ultimate fate.
  • Arcade: Skip the storybook and use a deck of cards, each with a brief encounter and set of choices.


Choose to play as one of eight unique characters

Build their skills over the course of a campaign and experience their personal tales in Story Mode


Play through a revolutionary spiral-bound atlas of 11 maps, each one acting as a game board, as you explore the beautiful, diverse, and mysterious world of Arzium.

Can you avoid the sinister gourmand of the Crimson Forest or befriend the six-eyed beasts of the Mammoth Jungle? Or perhaps you'll be lost forever in the hidden pathways of the Cloudy Valley? Choose your character and set out to discover what adventures await you.