Traverse the fringes of the galaxy on a quest to discover new worlds and rebuild your empire.

  • Conquer the fringe of the galaxy using Might or Diplomacy
  • Manage a hand of cards, each adding to an immersive, unfolding narrative
  • Befriend alien factions and gain access to their unique powers
  • 2-5 players, 120 minutes

Empires of the Void II tells a story about eight fringe planets and the species that live on them through unique event and action cards. You'll find ancient ruins, stop planetary wars, transport desperate leaders to distant locales, and rescue worlds from imminent invasion. You also must choose whether to conquer or befriend the aliens you encounter. Conquering gives areas on which to build, but using diplomacy gives you a special ability and allows you to recruit the alien units to strengthen your forces.

Beatiful Art, Innovative Plastic Components

prepro world ship 2.jpg

World Ship miniatures feature a tray to hold accompanying units (colors not final).

prepro cubes 2.jpg

Translucent plastic pieces mark control, influence, first player, and the current action.

Unboxing Video