The World of Arzium

Arzium is a shared universe setting for several of Red Raven's games. From the serpent-filled seas, to the vast underground caverns teaming with life, to the ancient ruins that dot the land, Arzium is a world full of adventure and wonder. 

The Games of Arzium

The People of Arzium

Many different types of beings can be found in Arzium, from stone-skinned warriors to giant lava-dwelling salamanders. Many of these creatures are unique and mysterious, but many are just ordinary people living their lives in the towns and villages. Here are just a few of the groups that call Arzium home. 




Hogfolk have mastered the art of farming underground, and boast the best and tastiest mushrooms around. They're also known to be cunning hunters of rare metals, and dig deep mines in search of gold. They're usually more than willing to share a bowl of mushroom stew and love to trade tales of adventure. 


Fishfolk are friendly denizens of the caverns and coasts, and they can usually be found in villages near water or on the crews of sailing ships. They're known for their knowledge of ancient languages, their spicy cuisine, and their hospitality. Fishfolk can breath above and below water. 


Lizardfolk can be found throughout Arzium, although they tend to prefer desert regions. Lizardfolk dislike conflict and admire hard work. They'd never confront someone about a problem if they can just fix it themselves.




Glogos are stone-skinned creatures with spine-covered backs and round, red eyes. Glogos are comfortable in the dim light and cold air, and have built many outposts and cities underground. They are generally distrusting of strangers, but are sometimes willing to trade or converse. It is unwise to cross them. 


Arzium was once home to a grand civilization which made use of all sorts of advanced technology. Although this civilization has long since been forgotten, leftovers of their technological splendor can be found in ruins throughout the land. One of these leftovers are robots, many of whom are still running, despite their creators being long gone. 

The History of Arzium