Build steambots, zeppelins, and a colossus in this City of Iron expansion.

  • 5 unique Citizen/Military cards for each nation (20 in total)
  • Other new Citizen/Military cards
  • Revised and updated cards, including the Cartographer
  • New Building cards
  • Steambot tokens and the Kraxian Pirates token
  • Rule book

Experts and Engines is an expansion and requires City of Iron 1st Edition to play. 

Scientists and engineers are perfecting the methods of creating mechanical men — powerful, effective workers that never tire if given enough fuel. The great nations of hogmen, toads, Cresarians, and humans race for the advantage this synergy of magic and technology grant them — but automatons are not the only leap forward in this age of discovery. Experts design terrifying war zeppelins, ships that can navigate beneath the waves, and other marvelous machines. Only the nations that embrace tomorrow will emerge ahead.

City of Iron: Experts and Engines, the first expansion for City of Iron, includes new, unique citizen and military cards for each nation which open up a new range of strategies and make playing each nation a distinct experience. It also includes Steambot tokens, which can be placed on building cards to give extra goods. Another addition is the Kraxian Pirates token, which can be placed to negate coin bonuses on goods.

Play City of Iron: Experts and Engines to add even more variety and depth to the City of Iron.