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Build your nation in a world of magic and machines. Second Edition includes updated gameplay and new artwork.

  • A Game for 2-4 Players
  • Game Length 120 min.
  • For Ages 13+

Far away in the beautiful world of Arzium, four small nations compete to become the most powerful, rallying courageous explorers, cunning leaders, brilliant minds, and powerful magicians. Which nation will emerge as the greatest, leading this new world of advancement into the next century? 

Become the leader of one of four rival nations: the industrious humans, the toad engineers, the scholarly Cresarians, or the clever hogmen. Produce goods like machine parts and bottled demons to gain wealth, or research steam-age technology and recruit mercenaries to control the continent. If you want to establish new cities, you’ll build schooners or airships to reach faraway lands and flying islands. Your cities have limited capacity, so you’ll have to decide what to keep and what to demolish when building advanced structures. The future of a nation is in your hands.

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What's new in Second Edition?

  • Updated Graphic Design and Iconography
  • New and Updated Illustrations
  • New Building Cards and Citizen Cards
  • Revised Game Board
  • New Variants
  • Revised Rule Book
  • New Box Illustration