Frequently Asked Questions


I missed your Kickstarter campaign. Can I back late?

Late pledges are not available, but all of our games release through regular retail channels soon after Kickstarter fulfillment.

I backed your Kickstarter campaign and never received my game. What happened?

If you’re missing your pledge, e-mail and include your name, address, the Kickstarter project name, and your backer level.

What about exclusives, expansions, and promotional upgrades for the games? Can I buy directly from Red Raven Games?

We don't sell these directly, but stop by our booth at any convention to see what promotional items are available. Kickstarter projects also include past promotions and expanded edition content. To keep up to date on our projects, sign up for our newsletter. Several promotional upgrades are now available through Meeple Source as well.

Can I buy wholesale from Red Raven Games?

All of our sales are handled through distribution channels. 

Do you accept game submissions?

We are currently not accepting submissions.

Can I get a review copy of your game?

Contact to request a review copy. The availability of review copies is limited and dependent on stock. At the moment we do not provide review copies outside of the United States. 

Will you donate some of your games to my library/charity?

Contact to request donation copies. The availability of donation copies is limited and dependent on stock.

I'm interested in licensing one of your games to sell in a different country.

Contact to inquire about licensing.

A piece from my game is broken/missing, can I get a replacement?

Contact to inquire about replacement parts. All missing/damaged pieces will be replaced for free. You may be asked to pay for shipping under certain circumstances.