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Your name is Grear, although you can no longer remember who it was who first called you that. There are many gaps in your memory since you were built hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago.  

You can no longer remember who built you, or why. You can no longer remember how you work. Which is bad, because you’re on the fritz and you don’t know how to fix yourself. No one else knows how to fix you, either. Whatever technology was used to build you has been lost to time—just like The Last Ruin.


Your name is Kiku. Your father was an famous scholar in his prime, but he never had time for you.  

All you've ever wanted was a bit of encouragement from his lips. Though he could orate on the most famous ancient civilizations, or of the clues to unlocking dead languages, he could never utter a kind phrase to his daughter. Now that you've come of age, perhaps there is something that will buy his love. 

There is one thing his heart has sought more than anything for all these years—a path to The Last Ruin.


Your name is Shardling, but when you were a child, nobody called you that. They called you Cloudbound, because you wandered around as if lost in the clouds. This was partly because of your imaginative temperament, but mostly because of your terrible eyesight. When other children were practicing with bows and spotting high-flying birds, you squinted eagerly, and saw only smudges. You always missed your target.

 When your parents sought a healer, none was able to help. But word must have gotten around. One morning you are awakened by the tapping and scraping of a staff outside your tent. A strange woman pokes her head inside and dangles a pouch towards you as an offering. You feel a cool, smooth shard of glass inside. “For you,” she says, gesturing at your face.  

You discover that if you hold the shard of green glass up to your eyes, you can see clearly – perhaps even more clearly than the brightest of eyes might. The woman, whose pointy nose is now crisp behind the glass, looks pleased. You also notice: she has no eyes. 

“Now that you can see, I need you to go somewhere and do something for me, my little Shardling,” she says, re-naming you even as she nods meaningfully at the pouch. “And use your shard carefully: you might see more than you expect.” And then she is gone, and you hear the tapping of her cane as she wanders away. 

When you look after her, using your shard to see clearly, you find that she has scratched three words into the dirt: The Last Ruin. 


Your name is Riza. It was a name chosen by your mother, the name of an ancient hero known for her ability to see the good in all creatures.  

From the earliest years of your childhood, your mother and father told you tales of an ancient city that was going to make all of your lives better. But that was before your mother sent your father away, and dreams of the fabulous city were forgotten.  

But now your father has returned, and he's taken up the old quest. Can you convince your mother to join you and make your family whole again? The dangers of the journey will spark a long-dead flame, and at the end you will have found The Last Ruin.


Your name is Eyim and you were once a famous bandit leader, feared across the lands. Then you were in prison. Then you weren’t. There was some unpleasantness in between but you’d rather not dwell on it.  

Now you wander, lost in more ways than one. You have many regrets, but there’s no changing what you’ve done. To truly change the past would take a power only spoke of in legends—it would take the power of The Last Ruin.

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Your name is Vera and you are Captain of the Guard in the prosperous mining town of Highcliff. Although you grew up poor, you joined the Guard at a young age and quickly climbing through the ranks. As Captain of the Guard, you are expected mingle with the merchants and mine owners as well as the workers. You feel a little out of place in high society, but you take pride in your work, happy to serve both the people and the governor.  

But more and more lately those two goals are at odds. The governor is becoming less stable, demanding higher and higher taxes, throwing more lavish parties, and harshly punishing his political enemies. People who were once your friends now look at you with fear and distrust and there are whispers of rebellion in the pubs and workhouses. Soon, you may be forced to take sides.  

You have spies in the streets, keeping an eye on the tense situation in case it breaks out into open hostility. Several of them return the same report: The workers are speaking of a power great enough to overthrow the governor—the power of The Last Ruin.


Your name is Tanian, but your wife calls you Ian. You told yourself that you left home because she had grown cold, but in your gut you knew it was the fame and fortune that drew you away, and the unrelenting anger in your heart.  

After months of emptiness and hardship, you meet an old friend in the street and ask him about your wife. "I haven't seen her at home for some days. Someone told me that she left on a journey."  

You set off toward home with a brusque farewell. Somehow you know that she has gone to recruit her first love so that they can renew an old search-- the search for The Last Ruin.


Your name is Rin and you were recently widowed.  

As lizardfolk living in a human city, you’d felt out of place at first. But your husband, Gen, was so outgoing and charming that you quickly made good friends. Gen worked as a prison guard and he even made friends with the inmates, often telling you all about them.  

Gen was a kind man and always saw the good in people. And in return he was killed by an escaping prisoner.  

In your grief and anger you find yourself remembering the old stories your mother used to tell you of a place with the power to grant the heart’s greatest desire—a place known as The Last Ruin.